NUSDAT-UTS have well qualified and trained professionals with extensive product development experience to validate products. The product is tested at extreme climatic conditions both in terms of high temperature and humidity.

NUSDAT-UTS have its own state of testing facility equipped with highly advanced and accurate equipment. The laboratories not just cater to the performance testing and validation of air conditioners and refrigerators as per international standards, but also are designed to conduct test based on the requirements of energy norms by various countries.

Air conditioner testing capabilities:
Cooling Capacity: 1750W-17500W,
Heating Capacity: 2000W-21000W,
Temperature range: 
Indoor Side: 100C to -450C,
Outdoor Side: -100C to 600C
Voltage: 10V to 500VAC,
Frequency: 50/60Hz,

Refrigerator testing capabilities:
Volume capacity: up to 950L
Temperature range: +5C to +50C
Voltage: 10V to 350VAC,
Frequency: 50/60Hz,
Relative Humidity: Up to 90%