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NUSDAT-UTS, was formed to provide testing facilities for refrigerator and air-conditioner of both private and public sector. Generating qualitative test reports is primary goal of this test lab. For generating quality report NUSDAT- UTS is committed to the customer.NUSDAT-UTS have highly efficient managerial and technical personnel.

Equipment with higher precision and accuracy are mounted with the test lab. Periodical external calibrations are performed from renowned and accredited calibration laboratory to keep all equipment upgraded. Total quality management system has been organized according to ISO/IEC 17025 standard that provides actually general requirement for the competence of testing and calibration.

In recognition of maintaining a good quality management system, NUSDAT-UTS got accreditation from Bangladesh Accreditation Board (BAB).  Obtaining accreditation was a great achievement, consequently, report from NUSDAT- UTS is accepted by all other countries those are ILAC and APLAC MRA signatory.

For skill development purpose, all key personnel of NUSDAT- UTS have been trained based on some international standards. Among them Lead Assessor training based on ISO/IEC 17025, training based on Measurement Uncertainty and method validation are prominent.

For ensuring the accuracy of test report, top class equipment is used for measuring test data. Most of the equipment is brought from world class equipment manufacturing company. This equipment has capability to withstand adverse environment and quiet robust to environment.